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$100 / 4 weeks

Nose Work Foundation:

This introductory class is hands-off for the handler, and dogs will search for food in different setups and environments. Dogs will be working one at a time, so dogs resting between runs must be quiet in their crates. Handlers are encouraged to watch other dogs work to help understand the different working styles and learn about the characteristics of how odor travels.

Nose Work - Intro to Scent:

This class continues from the Foundations class and introduces the target odors found in the competition. We will continue to build the skills already taught and work on handling skills and new reward techniques. 

Each session will start with a short classroom portion, and then dogs will work through the rest of the class time.

*Dogs must be comfortable in a kennel to participate in ALL Nose Work Classes*

Nose Work Classes include:​​​

  • Confidence Building

  • Understanding of Scent Movement

  • Scent Recognition

  • Video Recordings available

  • Weekly Homework and Check-Ins

Image by Humphrey Muleba
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