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Shape the crate?

This video is a quick demonstration of a crate shaping plan that is commonly used during training sessions. This is a summary of the plan and not the entire plan. I also make reference to this video for clients who are 'stuck' with one particular behavior (ie: dog is only putting the head into the crate) during the crate training process. Please notice how Paxton is not being forced to enter the crate at any point during the video, I am actually seated a few feet away from him through out it! We want to let the dog explore the crate, reward them for interacting with it, then increase the criteria (what gets the click!) as he succeeds. As you can see, Paxton quickly starts to enter the crate, lay down in the crate and then allows me to close the door towards the end because he knows that I will let him out of it and reward him handsomely. By allowing your dog to enter and exit the crate on their own you are allowing them to explore the environment and set the pace for the training session while remaining relaxed.

** There are a few points where I have the door closed at the end begin to open it slowly then close the door again, I am doing this because I prefer to have my dogs wait until the door is open and they can exit the crate calmly vs having a dog charge out of the crate. Notice how once the door is closed, Paxton lays back down then I reinforce the behavior by beginning to open the door again.

In this video I am using the Pet Tutor, which is a smart wireless training and game system for your pet. I was using it to deliver treats outside of the crate so that I could set him up to go back into the crate. In addition, the 'click' the Pet Tutor makes if different than the average clicker so the sound will not cause confusion to your pup as you watch the video. The Pet Tutor can also help to reduce barking, separation anxiety, fear and much more. You can also turn feeding time into an energy-burning chase and play activity as treats can be dropped into the bowl, on the ground, or released through a Pup Pod. 

The silent, reliable, jam-proof design makes this an easy choice for anyone, including myself! 

Here's a special link just for Balanced K9s, LLC clients! 

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