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$550 /Week (minimum 3 weeks)

Day Training enables me to come over to your house three days a week to work with just your dog -- think of dance lessons or learning a new sport. I will take care of teaching the dog the new behaviors and covering the 'hard part.' At the end of the week, I will go over the new cues we learned with you. Coaching sessions are scheduled by clients, so don't forget to book them!

I work closely with each of my clients and their animals to ease the training process, so while you are in the office or running errands, I will take care of the training. I know you have a busy schedule, so let's customize a plan that suits your lifestyle.

Day Training includes:

  • Progress Reports

  • Pictures/ Videos from each session

  • Customizable Training Plans

  • Access to Training Plan Notes

  • Simple Homework Exercises

  • Each week includes:

    • 2-3 x 1-hour day training sessions (just me and the dog) *

    • 1 x 60-minute coaching session *

*These are ideal scheduling parameters and may vary depending on the trainer's availability.

Training a Puppy
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