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$675 /Week (minimum 3 weeks)

Day Training enables us to come to your house three days a week to work with just your dog—think of dance lessons or learning a new sport. You can also opt for a modified schedule where you drop your dog off with us. We will teach the dog the new behaviors and cover the 'hard part,' then review the new cues we learned with you at the end of the week. Clients schedule coaching sessions, so don't forget to book them!

We work closely with our clients and their animals to ease the training process, so we will take care of the training while you are in the office or running errands. We know you have a busy schedule, so let's customize a plan that suits your lifestyle.

Day Training includes:

  • Progress Reports

  • Pictures/ Videos from each session

  • Customizable Training Plans

  • Access to Training Plan Notes

  • Simple Homework Exercises

  • Each week includes:

    • 2-3 x 1-hour day training sessions (just me and the dog) *

    • 1 x 60-minute coaching session *

  • Follow Up Support:​

    • 1 x 60-minute coaching session​

*These ideal scheduling parameters may vary depending on the trainer's availability and preference for in-home servicing or dropping the dog off at our studio. 

Training a Puppy
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