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Niche Classes You Will Love!

Drink With Your Dog®

PATIO Manners 

$170/ 4 weeks

The Drink With Your Dog® Project is designed to educate dog owners on proper patio manners for their furry companions. To promote well-behaved dogs, this project teaches dog owners the necessary skills to create respectful and polite guests at dog-friendly patios. By providing this education, the Drink With Your Dog® Project aims to create a more enjoyable and welcoming environment for all furry and human patrons.

Drink With Your Dog®

BREWERY Manners 

$150 / 4 weeks

The Drink With Your Dog® Project is designed to assist dog guardians in developing their brewery etiquette skills, enabling their pets to behave appropriately while visiting dog-friendly breweries. This project advocates for responsible dog ownership and fosters a secure and pleasant atmosphere for all visitors. We will provide valuable insights and strategies to help you overcome the distinctive challenges and advantages of brewery visits with your pets.

Field Trip Club

Membership or One Time

Option 1:  $40 / class 

Option 2: $100 / month

An exhilarating adventure with your dog! We meet in a new location every week to help develop social skills. Our classes focus on learning advanced training skills in an uncontrolled setting. Join the monthly membership, then attend as many outings as you like!


Students can choose to participate in this class a la carte, buy purchasing one class or "join the club" and purchase a monthly membership to get a pass to attend all field trip classes. 

*Dogs must be comfortable in new locations, friendly with both other dogs and people, in close proximity to other dog-handler teams.*


Puppy Fitness

$140 / 6 weeks

Puppy fitness class is designed to focus on age-appropriate exercises that are safe for growing bodies. It will help your pup build confidence by developing body awareness, a crucial component of coordination that can prevent injuries later on. The foundational exercises are enjoyable and will help in building a strong dog-human bond that will last throughout your puppy's life.


You'll learn fun exercises, including front and rear foot targeting, puppy jump bumps, square stands, weight shifting, Tuck Sit-Kick Back Stand, Cone Wraps, and more.


(Level 1 Classes)

$140 / 6 weeks

Canine fitness training is fun and a great way to strengthen your relationship with your dog. This class will help your dog build body awareness, strength, and balance. Your dog may also learn a few tricks as well! In this class, you will learn the foundation skills needed for success in canine fitness training and qualify for one category to earn an AKC Fit Dog title. Tricks, exercises, and fitness equipment will also be discussed.


Senior Dog Class

$140 / 6 weeks

Are you looking for a fun activity for your senior dog? Would you like help to keep your best friend as mobile and pain-free as possible throughout their golden years? Does your dog need to take off a few pounds to ease symptoms of arthritis?

Keep your furry friend happy and healthy with our Senior Fitness class! We specialize in safe exercises for senior dogs and will provide you with an exercise program to use regularly. Let's work together to keep your furry friend in tip-top shape!

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