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Welcome New Clients!

Please fill out the appropriate forms below to complete your dog's intake forms so we can get to know you! Each team should fill out the Client History and Goal Setting form, then please fill out any additional appropriate forms through DocuSign. These are not the same as our service contracts, they are simply to speed up information collection processes. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. Each dog team only needs to complete the forms one time (unless there are changes). 

Client History and Goal Setting

Please complete this form regardless of reason for training, this helps me get to know you!

Behavior Intake

Please use this form: manners training, mouthing, barking, chewing, digging, and house soiling.

Dog-Human Aggression Intake

Please use this form for dog-on-human aggression and reactivity.

New Puppy Intake

Please complete this form to best of your ability so that we can set your puppy up for success!

Dog-Dog Aggression Intake

Please use this form for dog-on-dog aggression and reactivity.

Separation Anxiety / Isolation Distress (SA/ID) 

Please use this form for separation anxiety and isolation distress clients.

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