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All the boots are out!

With these frigid temperatures we have been having many people have ventured off into pet stores only to find that all the dog boots are gone! Those who did manage to get a pair are finding themselves with a hard time keeping those boots on. Here are some tips to help keep you and your dog warm this winter:

If the boots are gone --

  • Try taking a trip into Walmart and picking up some baby socks and party balloons. The baby socks will work to insulate the balloon and the balloon will keep the socks dry and warm as your dog steps into the cold snow.

  • Clean their paws off when they come in with a warm washcloth.

  • Have blankets ready for when your dog comes back inside.

  • Stay outside with your dog.

  • Watch for paw licking, whining, barking, shivering, stoping movement, not placing paws down into the snow.

  • Try to keep limit the amount of time you are spending outside. Dogs can catch both frostbite and hypothermia as well. If you are curious about which temps are too cold check out this great chart:

If your dog hates his boots --

  • Don't give up on them yet! Cold weather wear for dogs can seem very strange but they need the protection too. The best way to acclimate your dog to these 'strange' objects is to counter condition the dog to wearing them! Practice putting the boots on periodically through out the day.

  • Make sure that good things are happening whenever the boots come out and are put on! Many times the dogs dislike wearing boots because they feel strange on their paws, hence why they pick up their paws incredibly high when they first have them on.

  • Take it slow, the slower introduction to the boots the better off both you and your furry friend will be.

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