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COVID-19, Dog Training, and the Safer at Home Order

Unfortunately, with the recent updates from COVID-19... We will not be able to host classes in person until at least April 2020 in correspondence with the "Safer at Home" order. With that being said, we will be shifting to online courses until the order is lifted. Fear not though, we will still be able to work on training through these tough new times. We are moving to digital classes until further notice.

This does not mean that you will be 'missing' anything from your session, or that you will not learn the same amount you would have during a physical session. As a professional, you may have heard me joke over the last few days or weeks that 'we have been training for this!' which we have... Through professional learning and traditional education, I learned and studied how people learn. This also means that I learned how to effectively explain a skill to someone less any physical contact with that person. These exercises were done to challenge us (not specifically for an oncoming pandemic) so, let's put the skill to work.

Notes for all Classes:

How does this affect my classes?

  • All sessions will be hosted online via You will not need a login or to sign up for an account to participate in your session, you will just need the Group Meeting ID: 685-231-2864

  • There will be more literature attached to each of the homework emails in order to ensure, we are still able to introduce distractions and increase challenges appropriately.

Where will classes be held?

  • Please select a room in your house that will be relatively quiet during the session but large enough for you to move around with your dog and be able to practice exercises.

What do I need?

  • Physical needs: quiet space, computer, wifi, dog, treats, clicker (if you have one)

  • Training equipment: leash, collar, treats, mat, crate

  • Management tools: Kong, puzzle toys, crate

  • You can take the class from anywhere, including your smart phone or tablet... Just make sure that you are able to prop it up so that we can still work through some exercises too.

What if I have questions on the homework?

  • As always, if you find yourself struggling with someone via homework, please let me know as soon as possible, I am more than willing to meet with each of you via chat one-on-one so that we can continue to learn and excel with training.

Notes for Group classes:

Group classes will be meeting for 30 minutes, take a 10-15 minute break, then meet for 30 minutes again. This will enable you to take your dogs outside to go to the bathroom, think of questions and have some practice time not on the webcam.

Notes for Private Sessions:

Private sessions will meet for their regularly scheduled time, however, it will occur via webcam instead of in person. If you would like to take a break during your session as well you are more than welcome to. You will also have the option of doing two 30 minute sessions during the week instead of one 60 minute session.

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